Inter-dealer Brokerage

Our Business

As an established inter-dealer brokerage firm with a diversified product range targeting the Asian OTC interbank financial derivatives markets in Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore, we are well-positioned to benefit from the growth of financial markets in Asia.

We currently serve over 100 institutions which include leading investment and commercial banks. As we currently render brokerage services on an agency basis, we do not take proprietary positions or trade on our own account and are therefore not exposed to conflicts of interest or settlement risks.

We now have 15 brokerage desks. In Hong Kong, we focus on foreign exchange, interest rate, money markets and forward products. In Korea, we provide services in Korean Won denominated interest rate swaps, Korean Won currency swaps, Korean Won forwards as well as foreign currency deposits. In Singapore, we target a wide range of interest rate and currency products denominated in South East Asian currencies.

Our Market Opportunity

As brokers, we benefit from market volatility generated by market movements in any direction. Our dedicated Asian focus and Asian strategy present us with greater opportunities in markets that we know best, and markets which have the strongest growth potential for inter-dealer broking.

Our Key Strengths

  • In-depth knowledge of the Asian inter-dealer brokerage markets.
  • Experienced management and broker teams.
  • Highly skilled and experienced brokerage staff.
  • Strong relationships with bank clients.
  • Responsive to changing market needs.
  • Ability to generate strong cash flow.
  • Well-capitalized parent (click to learn more about Central Tanshi at

Business Objective and Strategies

  • To maintain or attain the leading position in each of our key products in Asian markets through expansion of existing operations and through strategic acquisitions.